Specialized Software and Solutions
Genericity is a software consulting and product development company. We specialize in line-of-business applications and services.

We offer highly skilled, professional consultants and project managers to small and medium sized companies in need of specialized solutions.

Post Solution
Our next release is an application called Post Solution. Post Solution is an advanced e-commerce and inventory management tool for service companies and Real Estate sign and post service companies.

Post Solution Update #3

Post Solution has gone to Gold status meaning that we are currently offering it to new companies.

Contact us today to schedule a demo of Post Solution 3.0. The time is now to get a jump on your competition by using the most flexible and professional web application for Post and Sign Installation companies ever created.

Demonstration Information
What information we need:
  • Your current time zone
  • Days and Times you would likely be available
  • Your name and phone number
  • Your website (if applicable)
Post Solution Demo:
  • Demos run about 1 hour for the first demo.
  • You will need a phone to participate
  • You will need to be at a computer with internet access (high speed access is ideal)
  • You may have to install a small application to use Go To Meeting software from Citrix.

To get a demo scheduled please contact us using the Post Solution Contact Page.

William has launched a new website to showcase his new Custom Putter hobby and venture. Genericity created the website with ASP.NET MVC using the @Razor engine. Simple, fast and testable!
Posted by Genericity LLC

Genericity has made a strategic decision to develop all new web based projects in the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC architecture. We have been evaluating UI frameworks for the last six months doing prototype work. MVC is remarkable in its design and will allow us to reduce our development time while increasing application reliability.
Posted by Genericity LLC

Post Solution goes Gold! Post Solution is now available to all post and sign installation companies.
Posted by Genericity LLC

Post Solution is off to a HOT start. So far we have nearly booked solid all of our demo slots for the next two weeks! We believe this is a testament to our business philosophy - produce the best offering on the market and then price it reasonably so that all companies can leverage it, no matter how big or small. Contact us today to see Post Solution before your completion does!
Posted by Genericity LLC

Post Solution goes to Release Candidate status! Post Solution has passed both Alpha and Beta preliminary testing. We will be working with existing customers on converting Post Solution version 2.0-2.7 to the next major version, version 3.0.
Posted by Genericity LLC

Bidding Boss concept and design phase finished. We have finally gotten the Bidding Boss design phase and prototyping finished and tested. We will start core development work on the Bidding Boss website starting at the end of June '12. Development is scheduled to be completed within a 3 month period.
Posted by Genericity LLC

Genericity begins Windows Phone 7 exploration! Windows Phone 7 looks like a very attractive target for our company and the services we offer. Check back often to see what we decide to build.
Posted by Genericity LLC

Genericity starts design on Bidding Boss, a new state of the art bidding framework for small and medium sized contractors of all professions.
Posted by Genericity LLC

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