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Question Image Can I charge different prices? Back to Top

With Post Solution you can charge different prices to different customers. This is a common thing that a lot of businesses do, so we offer functionality to organize and specify different prices to various groups of clients.

Question Image Can I customize emails/invoice content? Back to Top

Absolutely. In fact, almost everything you see on Post Solution has been designed to modified, changed, or updated by you instead of relying on a programmer to make changes for you. The power of Post Solution is that you have full control over your software.


Question Image Can I track agent signs? Back to Top


With Post Solution you can track anything. Posts, agent signs, flyer boxes, etc.

Question Image Do I have to accept Credit Cards? Back to Top


Post Solution allows any combination of Credit Card vs. Billing usage. You can turn off all credit card functionality and use billing only for all your customers. You can use only credit cards or you can have some customers that have billing accounts and others that use credit cards.

Question Image What is included with Post Solution? Back to Top

When you sign up for Post Solution a lot of things are included or come at no additional charge.

Post Solution fees cover:

  • All hosting fees
  • Domain specific email
  • SSL certificates and management
  • Website bandwidth
  • Unlimited email/phone support
  • Unlimited upgrades/updates for life

Post Solution does not cover:

  • Credit card/Merchant related fees
  • Domain registration or renewals
Question Image Can I import data into Post Solution? Back to Top


Post Solution offers two major types of bulk importing of data. You can import customers and you can import inventory. It is as simple as uploading an excel document to Post Solution to process.

Question Image How long does setup take? Back to Top

We generally have a two to three day turn around on setup.

We typically do a side-by-side deployment. This means we get your new website setup with Post Solution while leaving your main website as-is. This will allow you for time to test and make sure you are happy with how your new Post Solution website operates and looks.

When you are ready we will point your existing domain name over to the Post Solution website.

Question Image Will you set up my site? Back to Top


We help setup your Post Solution website. We offer two main setup packages that range in price depending on how much setup you wish for us to assist you with. The basic setup package includes website setup, graphic and theme creation, email, and initial data configuration.

The Gold setup package includes everything the basic setup package does in addition to setting up all your products, leases, pricing, importing of existing customer and post location data, additional theme based banners, and any template changes you may want.

Question Image Can I use my own domain name? Back to Top

Yes, it is recommended.

Question Image How does customer support work? Back to Top

When you sign up for Post Solution we assign you a technical advisor that will guide you through the setup and also perform the setup of your specific website. This process varies depending on how fast you want to proceed. Typically, you will work with the technical advisor for about a month to ensure that everything is exactly perfect for your business.

After the initial setup period is over we offer both phone and email support.

In addition to our support options Post Solution implements a page specifc help system so you can view help files on any page you wish to know more about.

Question Image What forms of payment are accepted for Post Solution? Back to Top

Post Solution accepts all major credit/debit cards.

Question Image Will my site use my company's colors and graphics? Back to Top

Yes. When you sign up for Post Solution we include basic graphics and theme creation to match your existing website or we create a brand new layout for you. The choice is yours.

We can even skin your old site so that Post Solution looks how you want it to look.

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