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Terms of Service (Residential)


We do not accept call in orders, e-mails, or faxes. If you need to place an install or removal order please go to, click on Place Order. is a self-serve web site. It is the agents’ responsibility to place all orders. Any order placed by Post Solution on behalf of the agent is subject to a $5.00 administrative fee, at our sole discretion.
These terms of service apply to all agents using our service regardless of who is submitting the orders. If the company/client is submitting the orders on behalf of its agents, it is the company/clients responsibility to communicate our terms to all agents using our service.
Length of term for residential posts is 180 days.  If the listing is lost, canceled, or the property is sold or leased, you must immediately order the post removed. If the property is being listed beyond the initial 180 days, you can renew your service at a discount rate by going to and clicking on My Account, My In-Use Inventory, locate the property on the right side and click the blue Actions button, select the option you want.

Our web site sends out automated renewal emails once the post has been installed 180 days. This e-mail gives specific instructions and conditions for the agent to comply with. Once that e-mail is sent you have two choices, you can renew the post for another 180 days or you can order it removed. If no choice is made within 5 business days we will renew the post on your behalf and charge an administrative fee of $5.00. Once that charge has been made we will not refund it. If the credit card is declined we will send an e-mail to the agent describing what happened. If no action is taken we will remove the post. Any new install or re-install will be at the agents’ expense.
Any post not recovered, lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, is the financial responsibility of the agent and will be charged a replacement fee. Additionally, this applies to riders, flyer tubes, flyer boxes or any other material supplied by Post Solution. The replacement charge for each item is listed in the Fee Schedule. Failure to pay for these items may result in notification to the Credit Bureau or turning the account over to a collections agency.
Post Solution does not sell or transfer ownership of any posts that are used in our business. Our business posts are numbered for inventory control and stamped with a press. We do make posts for sale; however they are not the same as our business post.
The replacement fee (Post Not Recoverable) does not transfer ownership of the post to the agent. If the post is recovered, Post Solution reserves the right to retain a portion of this charge to cover additional expenses resulting in the recovery, such as additional trips, and Loss of Use. Loss of Use will be based upon the length of time the post was missing and is at the sole discretion of Post Solution.
Post Solution LLC is based in Phoenix, AZ. Our prices are listed on our web site to include secondary service charges (Trip charges).  Normal orders may take one to three days depending on when the order was placed and other factors. Orders for outlying areas may take 5 business days or longer.  Trip charges for orders to outlying area cities and towns are intended for the specific city or towns listed on the web site. If the install is outside of the city limits, additional charges may apply. A postal address will include a city but may not be in the actual city limits. Please contact for more information.
If our installers show up at the listing address the agent will be charged the full installation price regardless if we dig a hole or install a post. For trips made where posts are not allowed, homeowner, tenant, or occupant refusal, you will be charged the original installment fee.

Post Solution installers will always use their best judgment and industry standards for post or sign placement. If the agent needs a specific location, or orientation of the post, it must be communicated on the order and the spot must be clearly identified with paint, flags, or some other means, or by measurement from a specific point. If you need your post, window sign, gate, wall, balcony sign moved to another location there will be a reset or reinstall charge. Once our installers dig the hole and place the post there will be a charge to move it. Please communicate this to the property owner. We have had owners watch our installers complete an installs and then ask them to move it.

Any direct damage to water lines, irrigation lines, or low voltage lighting, as a result of Post Solution installers will be repaired; however, Post Solution will not be responsible for damages, if not allowed the opportunity to inspect claim damages. If a hole is dug at a location that does not allow post installs such as HOA or gated sub-divisions, and water or irrigation lines are damaged, Post Solution will not pay for the damage. We feel that if the agent had investigated the rules properly we would not have dug the hole and therefore not hit any lines.

Post Solution LLC or the agent may elect to terminate service. Posts will not be removed until the term is complete or the agent requests a removal on the web site.
If an agent is delinquent on a bill or charge and every attempt to resolve the dispute has failed, Post Solution LLCwill notify the agent of termination of service.
Upon notification of termination of service, Post Solution will remove all posts effective the date of termination.

Our web site is a fully mature E-Commerce web site that is 100% reliable. However, the host servers  and the agent’s internet providers are not always reliable. In addition, the agent often does not complete the order by pushing the submit button on the last step of the order process. That is a review page, but often the agent thinks they are done with the order. In other cases the agent may not select a payment method. Without selecting a payment method the website will not allow the order to be created. It is the agents’ responsibility to make sure the order was successfully submitted. We highly recommend you check your Order History page or your Dashboard as soon as you submit an order. If you see the order there, then the web site can create a work order that is visible to us. Without a work order we will not know what, where, or when to install or remove. We do no work without an order.

In order for the installer to find your property it is important when placing your order that you give us an exact street address for post installation. If an incorrect address is provided the agent will be responsible for the reset or reinstall. You must indicate the City and Zip code, Hundred Block and Named Streets, identify the Major Crossroads, as well as directions to the property from the major crossroads.

For land, construction sites, or properties without a physical address, provide a detailed map and site marker. Lot numbers, site maps, Assessor's maps, and MLS information should only be supporting documentation. You may also submit a zoomed in satellite view of the property that clearly locates the property from a crossroad. Make sure the view is marked with and X. Once the property is located it must have a stake, flag or other method to locate the post location on the property or have a measurement from a prominent landmark or corner. You can add a picture to your order but make sure it is no greater than 600 x 600 pixels. Remember, it may seem easy to you since you have already been to the property, but to the installer it all looks the same.
The agent must provide a gate code when ordering an install in a gated community, and a lock box code when ordering a Window sign install or removal. Also, we cannot install a wall hanger in the back yard if the gate is locked or if dogs are present. If our installer arrives and cannot gain access, an additional trip fee will be charged.

If the gated community has a manned guard house, the agent must make prior arrangements for our installer to gain access. If the installer cannot gain access within 15 minutes he will leave. We will not go back until we are told arrangements have been made to allow entry. We will charge an additional trip to go back. 
Don’t assume that our installers know the thousands of HOA and city rules for sign post installs. The agent must order the correct post to meet city and HOA requirements. It is the agent’s responsibility to know city and homeowner association rules governing placement of posts and to communicate them to Once a post is installed, it must remain at the listing address until an installer removes it. Removing a post or reinstalling a post at another listing constitutes a breach of agreement. If a post is reinstalled at another listing without our knowledge, and without using our web site order process, we will charge your account full price for the new install, to include trip fees, flyer tubes or boxes, and riders.


The Agent must order post removals from the web site. The only way to remove a post from inventory is to order it down on the web site. Go to My Account, My In-Use Inventory, leave the text box blank and click Find. On the right side of the address click on the blue word Actions. Talking to the installer does not create a valid removal order. Ordering a post install at a new property that requires a post to be moved from another property does not create a valid removal order for the removal property. You must complete orders for both the install and the removal.

For billed accounts, our terms are payment in full, net 15 days, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. If order invoices are consolidated into a single invoice and sent out once during the month, terms are net 15 from the date on the consolidated invoice, not the date you received it by mail or e-mail, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

If for some reason you cannot open or read the html invoice we send by e-mail, you can retrieve the information other ways as explained in the e-mail. Go to My Account, My Dashboard. In the Dashboard you will see a box marked My Billing Statements. You can click on and open or download that statement from here. Not being able to open or read the html invoice is not a valid reason for late payments.

On any invoice there may be orders that will be in progress, or on hold. We treat these orders as if they are completed, for billing purposes only, as we have to have a cutoff date due to process requirements. Any errors resulting from this process will be dealt with on the next billing cycle. Past due accounts are subject to a late fee per chargeable item per the fee schedule. An account is past due if payment is not received on the due date. We are not responsible for the actions of the US Postal Service. Payment must be submitted in order to arrive on the due date. Fifteen days after the due date the account is delinquent unless other terms are agreed to.
Post Solution reserves the right to remove all posts without exception or notice if the account is delinquent. Post Solution reserves the right to charge any credit card on the delinquent account to bring the account current. If any posts are removed due to none payment, the customer is still liable for payment of the original install or any re-installs.
Customers will be responsible for all collection and legal fees incurred in the collection of a delinquent account. Delinquent accounts may be referred to a collection agency and notice may be sent to a credit reporting agency.
Failure to keep account information current, to include credit cards, is a breach of terms and may result in removal of all posts. Reinstalls will be at your expense.  Any agent signs or materials will be held until late accounts are settled. If the account is not settled Post Solution LLC reserves the right to dispose of the agent’s signs and materials.

Post Solution LLC guarantees standard residential post installs in our primary service area in a reasonable time. In the event of severe weather, road construction, Police incidents, major situations, road closures, or traffic conditions, the install may be delayed until conditions improve. In addition, sporting events, concerts, holidays, health crisis, deaths in the family, or any situation at management’s discretion may impede our service.
Post Solution is a post installation business! As a customer service, our installers will attach the agent’s signage at no charge, to include the agent or company sign, riders, and flyer box, if they are left at the property in a visible location. You must make a notation in the special instructions as a reminder for the installer. If you do not make a notation in the special instructions we will not go back to the property to attach the sign without charging for it.

We will pick-up your signs from a sign store, however, we are not responsible for proofing or for insuring the correct quantity of signs are picked up. A charge may apply for sign pick-up. Please contact management for specific details. Additional trips are subject to a fee (per trip). Please review the fee schedule. 
Post removal is free for one attempt. If the post is in a garage or behind a locked gate or a fence with dogs, an additional trip fee may apply at our sole discretion. If the agent, homeowner, or occupant removes the post, it must be placed in an area of the property accessible to Post Solution installers or trip fees may apply. We are not responsible for damage done to water lines if we do not remove the post. If the post is removed and brought to another location (agent’s home or office) and this is not mentioned on the removal order, causing the installer to make an unnecessary trip, we will charge an additional trip to pick up the post from the new address.

If we manage the agent’s signage, these items must be ordered during the third step of the order process, Post Configuration. If the agent fails to order all the items they need, they may be charged an additional trip to attach the missing items. We do not have mind reading skills so do not expect us to just “know” what you want on your post.

As a result of sign accumulation at our shop and lack of control of those signs we will no longer remove signs from a property unless we manage your signs. The exception may be bare land or properties in the hinterland. So, if you want our sign service you must provide us with enough signs for a working stock (6) and you must order the sign attachment on the web site during the order process. During post removal, our installers are instructed to leave the agents sign or riders at the property, unless we manage the agent’s signs. If we do not manage the agents’ signs, we will not return the signs to our shop for future use unless the agent agrees for us to manage the signs.

If you want the signage removed you must tell us and make arrangements to get us your signs. If we manage the agent signs, the agent’s account will have permanent notes displayed on the installer work order that serve as a reminder to remove the signage.

Post Solution is not responsible for agent signage left at a property if we do not manage the agent’s signs.

Our installers work Monday through Saturday with Sunday being off. Orders that come in on Saturday and Sunday will normally be completed on Monday. If you have any questions or special needs please contact management.


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