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Welcome to Post Solution!

What is Post Solution?

Post Solution is a website solution that provides Post Installation companies with a fully functional web solution to manage their customers, orders, employees, and accounting. Post Solution was designed specifically for Post Installation companies to help alleviate many of the difficulties and time consuming tasks that burden post companies both big and small.

Can you Show Me the Software?

YES! We have a fully featured demo website setup to step you through all the key features of the website. By having a fully working demo version of the software you can log in and see all the features first hand. By getting a hands on session with the software many clients feel very satisfied that Post Solution offers what they need in a web based business application. Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

What are the Key Benefits?

Since Post Solution was designed specifically for Post Installation companies there are many features and benefits to using our solution. Post Solution has been used by major Post Installation companies for over 7 years and has constantly been built upon and improved over time. The following list is a quick overview of some of the most important features Post Solution offers.

Customer Self-Registration

Customers can register themselves with the website. They provide all the crucial information about themselves such as phone numbers, company, email, credit card, and log in credentials. You don’t have to do anything to get customers set up in your system.

Credit Card Processing

Post Solution supports full E-Commerce. Customers can register an account and then immediately start ordering posts from your website. Credit Cards are processed before the order is saved to the database meaning that you have already been paid for the order. You won’t have to spend hours billing customers at the end of the month.

Billing Support

Although many of Post Solution’s clients find it easiest to only accept credit card orders, Post Solution has the capability to allow customers to be billed. Post Solution supports reports that you can run to produce Excel documents detailing all orders that are unpaid so that invoices can be sent out to customers.

Post Inventory Management

How long does it take you to find where your posts are located at? With Post Solution this information is only a mouse click away. With Post Solution you can see where a post was installed, where it is currently at and a complete history of all the installs/removals/renewals associated with a post. Customers can also log into Post Solution and view all their currently installed posts! With only a couple clicks they can order a removal or renew any of their posts.

Trip Charges & Zone Management

Do you service an outlying area that you charge extra for? Post Solution has taken this into account and you can set up “Zones” based on State, City, or Zip Code. These zones can have Trip Charges associated with them so that when a customer orders an item the trip charge is included in the price of the order.

Post Work Order Dispatching

Post Solution was designed to service any size company. Larger post installation companies have many installers that service various areas. Post Solution handles and allows multiple installers working in different areas to accept and complete work orders.

Fully Customizable Website Look & Feel

If you currently have a website that you like the look and feel of Post Solution can be setup to look almost identical to it. Post Solution uses dynamic information to control the look and feel of the website so that you can specify exactly how the website should look. From colors to graphics everything is customizable with Post Solution.

Customer Order History

At any time Customers can log in to view their orders and the status of those orders. How often do you get phone calls asking if an order was completed? Post Solution provides all this information to customers in an easy to access manner that allows them to find out crucial information without having to take up your time checking into requests.

Installer Payments via Work Order Completion

Post Solution is setup to calculate installer payments. Each order that an installer completes gets credited to that installer so when it is time to pay installers you can simply run a report to find out how much that installer earned. What is really handy is that Installers can log into the website and see this information themselves.

High Security for storing Sensitive Information

Post Solution uses industry standard encryption to store all sensitive information in your database. Hackers can’t read transaction, passwords or credential information. On top of that Post Solution uses industry standard 128-256bit Secure Socket Layer technologies to prevent sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Dynamic Website Messaging System

Need to leave a message for a customer? Need to let all customers know about a policy change? Post Solution has a unique website messaging system that allows you to quickly send messages to customers.

Coupon Codes

Feeling generous during the holidays? Do you have a great customer that you want to give some perks to? Post Solution has a built in Coupon Code system so that you can quickly create coupons and email them to associates so they can use them on their next orders.

Banner Advertisements

How does making money sound? Post Solution supports the displaying of Banner Advertisements. You can let companies advertise on your website and then charge them for the advertisements. The great thing about the Post Solution advertisements is that you are in complete control of what is displayed.

Pricing Groups

Post Solution supports grouping clients into different groups and then specifying different prices for each item in the database. This allows for Post Solution customers to offer lower/higher prices to different clients. One commonly used feature is that Post Solution users typically charge a lower price for large customers and with our software this very easy to setup.

Free Upgrades

We at Post Solution are constantly working on improving the Post Solution application, thus we are really happy being able to offer your company free upgrades to the software. This is exciting because when we build some exciting new features into Post Solution you will have access to these features when they are released!

How Does Post Solution Work?

Post Solution was designed and built to make the lives of Post Installation companies easier and it is upon this principle that Post Solution LLC builds its business. When you use the Post Solution software we handle all the set-up and maintenance of the application. Post Solution LLC is an Application Service Provider meaning that we manage the technical aspects of the website and make sure it is running correctly and satisfying you.

Post Solution is a licensed product. Post Solution charges a reasonable setup fee to get your website setup, tested and working for you. This setup fee includes introductory lessons on how the site works and how to work with Post Solution. Post Solution is then licensed on a monthly basis and these fees vary depending on the levels of support you choose to receive.

Although we wish we could do everything for you there are some things that will need to be handled by you before the website is fully functional. These items have to do with banking accounts, domain registration and website security. We will take you step by step through each process, so don’t worry too much about these items. Please contact us for any further questions you may have.

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